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Recommended reader’s comments (Jan. 4)

(People's Daily Online)

13:52, January 05, 2012

★ Read: Asian countries should enhance co-op in currency swaps

1. Posted by Mishra,India at 2012-01-04 12:15:00
I think India will also agree on currency swap, provided Chinese open more sectors for Indian companies to do business in China. At present, though the bilateral trade is 60 billion $ but its largely imports for India. (More)

★ Read: China, a friendly neighbor committed to common development
2. Posted by South East Asian at 2012-01-04 18:09:53
@Srinivas, please ask your small South West Asian neighbors whether the emerging Superpower India exhibit any bullying towards them before pointing the accusing finger at China. Aggressive posturing by China towards giant India? Did the Indian armour unit brag on the signboard recently in the Hindustan times that they will be Lhasa and Beijing soon... What about the decades long training of exiled Tibetan SFF commandos by the Indian RAW intelligence agency for guerrilla warfare work in China? Not to mention, the puppet Tibetan exiled government is housed in your country and the new deployments and creation of new mountain divisions, SU 30 MKI fighter bombers and nuclear tipped brahmos supersonic missiles on the Indo-China border. The India keeps boasting its ICBM could reach Beijing after completion of SSM tests. (More)

★ Read: Iran's military drill continues in Strait of Hormuz
3. Posted by Batuapi at 2012-01-04 15:12:52
The United States have been creating a lot of problems, tensions and chaos around the world lately. Iraq was a relatively peaceful and prosperous nation under late Saddam Hussein. I could see Iraq disintegrating into 3 separate states in the near future. Hamid Karzai is effectively the Mayor of Kabul, otherwise it is Taliban territory. When the US troops withdraw in the near future, Karzai will be in the bandwagon. Fighting amongst rival militia group has begun in Libya. At the end of the day creating conflict could be a lucrative venture as there are weapons and munitions to be sold. The US is a major arms manufacturer and exporter in the world. The sight of Hilary Clinton reminds me of a witch flying all over the world on a broomstick, poking her nose into the internal affair of other countries. (More)


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Startribune dot come at 2012-01-0575.72.239.*
Obama"s presence is an election-year effort to place the president squarely behind a new military strategy that will downsize the Pentagon, pivot from expensive ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and refocus on threats from China while not ignoring the threat of Iran.Military experts familiar with Panetta"s thinking said that Obama had opposed reducing the U.S. carrier fleet to 10 from 11 because of what he sees as the need to have enough force in the Pacific Ocean to act as a counterweight to China.

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