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Recommended reader’s comments (Dec. 21)

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13:21, December 22, 2011

★ Read: The truth about Tibet and Dalai Lama

1. Posted by Ruifung at 2011-12-21 22:11:32
The minorities in China are fortunate as Beijing respect their cultures and traditions. They are not subjected to the one child policy that has been imposed on the majority Han population. The Dalai is just hijacking religion for his political end. I do not see any differences between him and the Taliban from Afghanistan. Religiously attired and an advocate of violence, remember Lhasa 2008. (More)

★ Read: 52 arrested for producing, selling "gutter oil" in east China
2. Posted by Consumer at 2011-12-21 06:52:13
The crackdown must continue unabated and even intensified; for every one culprit caught, hundreds got away and are still out there, plying their dirty trade! (More)

★ Read: History will not fondly remember war-makers
3. Posted by swimmer at 2011-12-21 08:42:34
The amount of disinformation these days is staggering. The obvious net result is a decrease in accountability by war mongers and corporate crony crooks. Many US citizens are still caught up in the delusion of it all. World citizens are more savvy, but should still beware of the cycles of history. Politicians have always lied. What’s different in the US in the recent past is the shocking amount(~50%) of public support of obviously bad leaders, and obviously wrong information.(FoxNews). To the other half of the public (democrats, libertarians, etc), it is a sad disgrace to watch as these crooks destroy the country, and the world, committing crimes against their own countries and the world. Not all Americans agree with what"s been going on. But still, too many do, and actually believe the lies and FoxNews propaganda. It is dangerous, I think. So I left, after 2 miserable terms of GWB, with WWII Germany as a reminder of a type of society that I would never let myself live in. And, btw, with the departure of GWB, it clearly has not changed the direction or tone of the big military money that has obviously hijacked what was once a great, and (more)just, nation and world citizen. (More)

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