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Recommended reader’s comments (Dec. 17-18)

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08:54, December 20, 2011

★ Read: Narrow vision limits China's discourse power

1. Posted by PD User at 2011-12-17 20:54:47
Firstly agree Chinese culture is different from western culture, but not opposite .Chinese are modest, but not a follower. They just respect the people who are speaking. They don’t want to interrupt them. They hell have their own ideas. If you know Chinese history, you should know China was the richest county in the world. Do you know why? Because Chinese people don’t speak too much. They do much. They put future in their heart ,or not show it on the screen. When the dream of future come true, they also don’t speak too much. Secondly, Chinese is not Jewish’s am not racialism. But I think China is good as any developed country. Chinese is not only smart but hardworking. You can find smart Chinese in any aspect. They don’t let serious financial crisis happen in China. Aren’t they smart? Every Chinese has their own house. And they offer many jobs to the more and more people who are from every different country, For example ,USA At last, thank you for caring Chinese. But your worry in your heart, Chinese will be better and better. Chinese don’t want to be invader. They love peace and future. (More)

★ Read: China celebrates space docking success
2. Posted by ind at 2011-12-17 16:37:54
Congratulations, for the success of China, on the mastery of its advanced space technology, this pride is also felt by the overseas Chinese across the world, this has proved the genius brain of Chinese. (More)

★ Read: China strikes hard on wage defaulting
3. Posted by See at 2011-12-17 19:57:35
Why in china employers could delay wages. Is there a law to protect the workers. In our country wages must be paid within seven day after pay day and failure to pay is an offence. Employee is to report to labour ministry and the employer will be called up to explain. the delay If the explanation is not satisfy the ministry take the employer to court and the court will freeze the company’s bank account and confiscation any movable properties to be sold to pay the employee(s) (More)

★ Read: Risks behind India's military buildup
4. Posted by Roj at 2011-12-18 18:16:40
Yes, as rightly pointed out there is no winner in a war. The only winner is destruction for all. And, all the sides have other noble ways to settle disputes. As the countries surge ahead disputes are bound to happen and its then we need more sane heads at the top to guide all of us. Both China and India are great partners and I am sure they will be working hard to settle the disputes and eventually people on both sides will prosper. (More)

★ Read: Will Obama Doctrine lead to new Cold War?
5. Posted by CK Wong at 2011-12-18 21:42:48
Obama approach to China syndrome sprank from the notion of China Threats theory that China will rule the world and China will be the greatest in the era of 21st century. These are written most by many western authors, But why they wrote these stories for? Just to please China? No, it outright flattery. Secondly it will make more countries fear and keep cold shoulder and eyes on China, especially Japan and S Korea. China must not be taken into believing what these people talk good about China. It will lead to temptation to be "big headed" and make mistake thereon. Obama keeping 2,500 soldiers in Aussie is just normal, don’t forget Australia had being ally of US since II world war, and Australia is the protectorate country of US, so having 2,500 soldiers should not be taken too sensitively, May be China will have to worry when the number of soldier stationed in Aussie would be increased to 25,000. To keep 2,500 fighters is easily manageable financially, but not 50,000 unless something is cooking. But if that would be so happening, then US may be seen a threat to Asia then, US won't do it and China have not worry at the moment. Do not forget, US still depend very much on cheap goods and cheap loans from China. Finally, globalization and communication revolution in the 20th century had make the world globally connected, people tends to dislike their own country attacking other country, no matter how big or small they are. Politicians sure to make shame for themselves if they still believe that the voters like heroic invasion of others. China can sleep well. (More)

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