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Recommended reader's comments (Dec. 7)

(People's Daily Online)

14:40, December 08, 2011

★ Read: Everyone loses when US candidates bash China

1. Posted by Fred Jansohn at 2011-12-07 10:59:21
Let’s see if we have this right: Unless America does the “running-over”, it is not alright for one country to “run over” another country. It seems it’s now fashionable in the USA to bite the hand that feeds you while enjoying the reassuring benefits being extended by the very same hand. The reality is that in today’s economic climate where would the USA be without Chinese investment and trade? Where would Europe be? Where would the rest of the Asia-Pacific region be? Where would the many Third World countries be that have benefited, or will benefit, from their relationship with China? To destroy a fundamentally sound relationship based on ill-conceived paranoia for short term political gain is unwise and, in the end, self-destructive. As this article observes, during his (or her) term of office whoever gets elected next President of the USA based, in part, on an anti-Chinese platform, will have to abandon that platform if the US is to survive the economic storms looming on the horizon. In so doing the President will be obliged to demonstrate to those Americans who elected him that China is not a force for evil, and that American interests are best served by a broadening of the mind and an acceptance of China as an equal on the world stage. (More)

★ Read: Chinese schools need to tune in and chill out
2. Posted by Johan at 2011-12-07 08:25:38
It is true we have more leisure time to spend competing in sports, socializing with friends, and learning the intricacies of computers. However, this so called "slacker" mentality rarely leads to success at work, or for that matter social status. The EU has 20% youth unemployment and a sovereign debt crisis, mostly due to the people with the "Who cares?" attitude. As always, balance is important. Not being proud of not "learning a thing from school". (More)

★ Read: Children freed from clutches of crime gangs
3. Posted by ASEAN at 2011-12-07 14:26:19
No mercy to these people. Do they know how painful are the parents of missing child? And what about the child? The most important thing in one’s life is to know who is your biological mother. Published in all newspapers in China on how the government punishes these rascals. Again no mercy. (More)


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