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Recommended reader’s comments (Dec. 6)

(People's Daily Online)

13:57, December 07, 2011

★ Read: Embattled West unprepared for rise of a practical China

1. Posted by CK Wong at 2011-12-06 16:47:37
Given the financial problems of the west including US and Euro zone countries, China should not read the game plan wrongly. Yes they are in financial problems. But the game plan in the short run can China and other cash rich countries could be lured into the rescue of this mess, and henceforth drag you into the mud and the world become equally one- all are poor. I did wrote about this few months back when Greek trouble bubble burst. The west do have many options open to them. IMF is one that they still can go to, but why they are not. after all Greek only need US 300 billion to solve her problems. China should expect to sell less oversea but she can expand own consumption curve upward by relaxing banking reserve funds (yes China is doing that), and the west must cut their budget, and US must also cut the military spending so that the world will be a more relaxing in military watchout, and the resources can use on social and employment alleviation programme- work for the people and not soldiers! China never likes to interfere the internal affair of other country, but when come to today’s circumstances, China have to put her money to the right place to induce maximum benefit for a peaceful world. China cannot afford to have west liberal style of government due to her gigantic population that need feeding every day, and Russia will be a good mirror for China to reflect. Because the west knows about Russia and Russia does not understand the west, hence blindly copy the western style will sure hit the rocky sea bed. China should learn from this. Likewise, China must also understand the westerners" stand on many issues, and some of the issues China must say No to them because China is centrally planned economy, while relaxing on this, the fundamental should not be simply ignored or forego. (More)

★ Read: UK opens arms for Chinese deals
2. Posted by ASEAN at 2011-12-06 12:46:46
It is very interesting to read that UK welcomes Chinese investments. Just a few months back, UK Prime Minister David Cameron had warned African countries of the "Chinese Invasion in Africa ". So the UK is a country of great hypocrisy. When the Chinese invests in UK and in the process create jobs for the British, it is not considered an invasion. But when the Chinese companies invested in African countries and create jobs for the Africans, it is considered a "Chinese Invasion".
What a joke. By the way, Chinese should not invest too much there as the British are well know to change its rules and regulation to its benefit. Chinese companies should not be a suckers ! Chinese companies should invest more in third world countries such as Indonesia, South America countries and of course African countries. China’s rise should benefits poor countries in the world. Many poor people in poor countries are looking forward to China’s investments. Use your investment to benefits them. (More)


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