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Recommended reader's comments (Dec. 3-4)

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12:46, December 05, 2011

★ Read: China suffers from trade protectionism

1. Posted by Sam Teng at 2011-12-03 11:55:27
There is an increasing trend of developed nations like the US and many Western countries to adopt trade policies that only benefited themselves. Because they are non competitive, they will impose trade restrictions on imported goods by using all sorts of excuses. This is bad for free trade as it allows manipulations and trade protectionism. In the long term, all countries will suffer as every country will be doing tit for tat as it becomes more politicized. (More)

★ Read: China, US lay groundwork for fair competition
2. Posted by wende at 2011-12-03 01:33:48
First item is for US companies not to demand controlling interests in Chinese companies while limiting, even forbidding, Chinese investments in US companies. The excuses are always either it is against national interest or that the owner had been in PLA. Question is, how many high level US managers had military background too. Should China not apply the same reason too? Talking about level playing fields! That’s a lot of bulls. (More)

★ Read: Senior Chinese official reiterates support for non-public economy
3. Posted by KamHua at 2011-12-04 20:00:03
The non-public sector is of vital importance for the development of a Chinese welfare state. Of course there will always be a public sector, which is also important and must not be neglected. But the economy, job creation etc. should be dependent most on the non-public sector. A reasonable balance of public and non-public sector should not be ignored. I do not agreed with the comment of B.J.Murphy: “This goes against everything socialism stands for ”. It has nothing to do with socialism and I mean modern socialism, not the old way of socialism. China should develop into a socialist country with strong Chinese characteristics. I mean to say that a socialist country always protect its poor, the weak, disables, eldest etc. In an environment with a good/balance and growing economy, in general, the government should take care of the least fortune ones together with the charity organizations. In special times, when the economy/financial situation is bad (as in the west now) the government must make sure that the strongest shoulders (riches) carry the most of the burden. That’s why a good medical and social security system should be in place for the whole of China. This is important to help soften the burden for the weakest one in society. (More)

★ Read: China-Myanmar ties challenged by US moves
4. Posted by Deren Chan at 2011-12-04 13:32:39
We should welcome US with an open mind in treating their latest high level visit to Myanmar. We need to train up the Myanmar leadership in their dealings with the west so that they won"t be naieve and gullible enough to take the face value of what the US says and does. A mature leadership in Myanmar is in the best interests of PRC so when they deal with us, they not only consider the blood relationship but also the costs and benefits in maintaining good and stable relationship with its big brother and neighbor next door. Couple of visits here and there by the US is not going to warm up the ice cold atmosphere between those two countries builded up in the 30 years. As Dr. Sun Yat Sen said, we need to employ our full foreign diplomatic wisdoms and tactics accumulated from way back in early Qin Daynasty and use them to neutralize any hardcore attacks flanked from all sides, left, right and centre by the US and its cronies. Not only that we need to play Tai Chi with the US, but also the Myanmar leadership and even Aung Saan Suki in order gain a permanent foothold in that part of the woods as our outlet to the Indian Ocean. Right now all these parties are hot-headed and we have no control over their self interests, but we can control ours with a rational mind. We should even start to meet with Aung Saan Suuki to give her a taste of how freedom and democracy can be achieved in a non-western way. She needs to understand the Greco-Roman approach to freedom and democracy from 2500 years ago is over given what has been happening lately in the Euro debt crisis. A trip for her to Shenzhen would be worthwhile. (More)


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