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Recommended reader's comments (Nov. 23)

(People's Daily Online)

13:41, November 24, 2011

★ Read: Return to reason for real estate

1. Posted by LovingChina at 2011-11-23 14:49:41
The article has reasoned well and amicable in terms of government policies thus far to curb speculations but such policies also crimped real estate investments that saw good money flowing out of wealthy Chinese in China to other nationals and nations! So, on a big picture scenario, is this considered good or bad for China? There were 3 main culprits that had caused a scare in Chinese property bubbles: (1) Allowed speculations went unchecked / unchallenged such as foreign investors including those from HK, Macau & Taiwan who typically swing and flung about 3 or more properties in major cities by each investing individual every few months, (2) Unfair land distributions and corruptions among govt officials and (3) Governments were blind and/or reluctant to build more affordable home units for the majority of poorer folks in major towns and cities in that land revenues could fall short of targets. A case of naivety, corrupt practices and carelessness! If those governments & officials could see & sense further ahead honestly, there shall be NO property bubble ever in China due to its sheer size of >1.35 billion people with at least 50% of them still needing a home of their own in any city / town / village; while China still wants property investors to drive the highly priced / valued property market at home else others outside China will be smiling upon Chinese Yuan though not the Chinese, sadly is a fact of life! (More)

★ Read: China calls on int'l community to create conditions to ease tension in Syria
2. Posted by ck wong at 2011-11-23 11:33:56
It’s the right time for China to call on any country to attend to their people’s crisis, especially in the Middle East. Likewise, some the financial management of Europe and USA must be also a priority in looking for solution to the financial crisis. In social troubling counters like in the middle east or the western countries, two main issues. 1) Leadership quality of the countries. 2) Financial and economical understanding by the leaders. Only politics can’t solve these type of problems. You can keep changing the government or the leaders, but if the lack the two main things described above, the countries will go to the dustbin and becomes rubbish. The US model will fail because in the end, productivity and capital reserve growth through saving is the most powerful economic model, though sometimes it’s painful, but in the long run this will be the winner. Countries that grow economically depending on borrowing to spend cannot survive in the long time, sustainable debts limit plus increase productivity is a must for today’s survival for any country. The idea of "Someone else is going to pay the bill if I spend the money now" definitely cannot beat " I spend the money only if I can pay it". Cheers (More)

★ Read: US solar cell spotlight on ministry
3. Posted by PD User at 2011-11-23 04:44:37
There was nothing disturbing about President Obama’s comments. And what he says, has nothing to do with getting re-elected. (More)

★ Read: Does a perfect political system exist?
4. Posted by Tony From Canada at 2011-11-23 16:38:43
Western democracies suffer from a focus on people and not policy. The current problems with western democracies can be traced back to the US Republican Party trying to win at all costs. They threw out decency and replaced it with wedge advertising and turning one part of the country against another and one group against another. There will not be a national reconciliation because of this trend. Canada has gone that way under Harper’s conservatives. Everything is about winning and nothing is about good governance. That is the key failing of western democratic system. It is about making the other guys look bad, winning and then doing whatever it takes to stay in power. I was involved in the political system in Canada and I think that with some adjustments China’s system could become a model for the rest of the world. (More)


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