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Recommended reader's comments (Nov. 22)

(People's Daily Online)

13:46, November 23, 2011

★ Read: China addresses US South China Sea worries

1. Posted by PD User at 2011-11-22 18:49:38
The issue in essence is bilateral territorial dispute and should be discussed by bilateral parties directly involved. It is even a far cry to meddle the issue by external parties in the name of freedom of navigation for trade. China is No 1 trading nation in the world and there is no other nations who are more concerned with the freedom of navigation for trade than China. To involve external parties in bilateral dispute will only complicate the difficulty of finding an acceptable solution. Mid-East peace negotiation is a perfect example. Palestinian-Israeli dispute heavily relies on external parties, mainly the US, to conduct negotiations. Forty-year’s negotiations witnessed the countless casualties, devastated economies, impoverished population, well-entrenched hatred, the loss of human dignity and the absolute paranoia of insecurity for both parties directly involved. Peace between Palestine and Israel is becoming further away. It is quite obvious that the deep pains have been inflicted on the disputing parties and huge gains have been extracted by external parties in this forty-year’s tragedy of negotiation. The US cannot prop up Israel forever. All disputing parties on South China Sea should take a lesson from that. (More)

★ Read: Improving education quality in rural areas
2. Posted by Lee Rong-ji at 2011-11-22 15:50:08
Too true. As Beijing likes to talk about the rise or development of China, so too when he talks about education, it is about the development of the character and knowledge, and later perhaps, skills of the individual child, student. It is not just a matter of good grades or results from exams only. That is very short sighted and uneducated of our educationist/teachers. The teachers and principals and bureaucrats themselves need educating I think. The bulk of them .. coming from an earlier generation of half-baked education. (More)


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