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Recommended reader's comments (Nov. 12-13)

(People's Daily Online)

13:30, November 14, 2011

★ Read: US has no stomach for S. China Sea military clash

1. Posted by Anoworl at 2011-11-12 09:49:27
It is quite right that US will not want a war with China. Not now at least but a war between China and US can be good for China! However this approach even if it is good is against good morality hence China can distinguish herself entirely from the US by developing an equally strong and capable military that does not hinge on the instability of others to thrive. The other tool China really is short of is international media prowess. It is not about telling the world about China. This is necessary but more importantly how this media prowess can gain the goodwill of the world and following that help shape the world’s mind-set in the correct way, totally different the US warring dimension. China in no way should give up the East Asian Economic integration as well as the SCO economic integration and the China-EU trade co-operation. (More)

★ Read: India's border troop surge aimed at rising China?
2. Posted by Chinhomiah at 2011-11-12 16:11:45
China should always consider itself like a united China. You should increase trade among your 23 provinces. You should slowly reduce your trade with USA in the next decades. During the past three decades, I had noticed that whenever USA lose out in the competition in any products, US give excuses and blamed China for things such as currency manipulation and for thing such as below cost dumping by China in US, etc. Whatever you do, please develop your products to a much better quality products and better efficiency products. Once you are able to increase the efficiency of your solar panels to 10 times better than USA products, it is ok if USA is not going to buy your products. In fact you do not have to sell to them since they are not happy. Sell it to third world countries, to Europe, India and Africa and let our brothers in Europe, India and Africa make money by selling to USA instead. Let USA buy solar panels from Europe, India and Africa at much higher cost if they prefer this way. No point talking to unreasonable people. Just concentrate on your quality and efficiency of all your products. This is the only way to prevent problems with USA. Concentrate on Asia, Europe and Africa. Reduce your trade with USA. That is the way forward. (More)

★ Read: Doctors urge caution as fog shrouds Beijing
3. Posted by Jennifer at 2011-11-13 15:59:39
One doesn’t need to be an expert to look out a Beijing window and tell that the pollution is so bad that it can cause permanent health problems, and since when does an "expert" have a better sense of smell than an artist? I personally can TASTE the pollution when it goes over 150. (More)

★ Read: Chinese president outlines four-point proposal on Asia-Pacific economic development
4. Posted by PD User at 2011-11-13 15:07:12
It has arrived. Seize the moment. President Hu had outlined the main directions for China. The nation needs are concrete and it will offer opportunities for economic activities for all to participate. Like, natural waste/sewerage treatments for the whole country. Safe drinking water. Sustainable, natural and wholesome agriculture that will not destroy land and environment. There are many many others that even my country has vast experience and can participate immediately.
China does have internal problems, but it is up to the participants to identify and resolve them. Like, one of the major reasons why most of its cities are suffering from poor air quality and persistence haze may be due to the unfettered burning of the plants residues after harvesting. China still did not have procedures and good enforcement, in all areas, and this pollution has no borders and will spill over to Japan and Korea too.
The expertise from throughout the world participating in the economic activities in shaping a sustainable ecological environment will benefit all the people inside China as well as all the people in the world. China means business. Whenever it declares it will do it, it will do it. This means that a successful implementation in China will leave other nations without a choice, but to do it too to sustain our fragile planet earth. (More)

★ Read: Chinese officials warn of protectionism in solar panel sector
5. Posted by Reduce trade with USA. at 2011-11-13 21:44:44
India has the right to develop its military just like China. More importantly, India should be fully aware of the importance of peace in the region. If the development of its military is to confront China, then it will be a grave mistake as any military confrontation between the two largest populated countries in the world will not benefit either. This will only serve the hidden agenda of the US who is always fanning confrontation between neighboring countries. US and its Allies are desperate that their influence in the Pacific region is slowly waning. Thus, it is creating tension and fear in the region by bad mouthing about China’s military development. The US is not sincere in wanting peace in the region or the world at large. It is the single most hated country in the world for all the miseries it had caused to innocent people by their military actions and invasions. Lest some of the these countries have forgotten. Refer back to your history books! (More)

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