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Recommended reader's comments (Nov. 1)

(People's Daily Online)

13:35, November 02, 2011

★ Read: 5:58 a.m Beijing Time Shenzhou-8 blasts off

1. Posted by ASEAN at 2011-11-01 15:26:13
Congratulation to China !!!Congratulation to your designers, engineers, techicians and all the people involved that make this possible. They are indeed world class AAA.Long Live China !!! (More)

★ Read: Chinese should see warning in Western demos
2. Posted by PD User at 2011-11-01 10:59:32
You mean the West are really free and transparent? They intrude in when you are in a chaotic state. Whatever issues do help them in this cause they will embark and hound you like a pack of wolves. You mean there is no means to channel your opinions in China. Any govt will not like mob rule and chaos. (More)

★ Read: US gearing up for trade war with China?
3. Posted by Sam Teng at 2011-11-01 09:34:12
Certain US law makers only know how to use force on other countries so as to achieve their ulterior motives. They will resort to military force, unreasonable trade sanctions and their own legislation. Where is free trade and freedom to operate which the US have been barking all along? This is another great example of a superpower trying to bully another country just to achieve their goals. This is another great act on the part of the US law makers to cover their financial failures back home and put the blame squarely on the Yuan. I would have taken up economics for my undergraduate degree if it is so simple. SHAME TO THESE HOPELESS LAW MAKERS IN THE US. THEY ARE NOT ONLY FINANCIALLY BANKRUPT, BUT THEY ARE ALSO BANKRUPT OF IDEAS TO SOLVE THEIR OWN FINANCIAL MELTDOWN. (More)

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