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Recommended reade's comments (Oct. 11)

(People's Daily Online)

13:44, October 12, 2011

★ Read: China close to hitting affordable housing target

1. Posted by helen at 2011-10-11 11:34:22
This is good news!
Still, quota needs to be expanded to commensurate with rapid urbanization and local governments must be reined in to contribute their part. Private developers should also be required to contribute in the affordable housing construction as is the current practice in many Asian nations.
For tool long now, local governments have been only working too closely with private developers geared on high end construction. The reasons are quite obvious to the CCDI and the Chinese people. (More)

★ Read: Strive hard for Chinese nation's rejuvenation
2. Posted by Kam Hua at 2011-10-11 19:02:55
Chinese nation’s rejuvenation is the single most important action we have to fulfill. Rejuvenation also includes the return of Taiwan to the motherland. Of course, I do not doubt, it will be peaceful. Economics, financial strength of China, gradually more openness and reform, tourist participation from both sides will naturally lead to a situation where Taiwan will realize that it is time to reunite. Mainland will no doubt contribute to the prosperity of Taiwan. This will take some time, and in normal (world) circumstances we could wait until it happens. But the world is changing very fast, so maybe it is possible to shorten the time of reunification. After all Taiwanese, mainland Chinese, Chinese of all walks where ever we are born, live or whatever, WE ARE CHINESE and we want to be proud and say there is one motherland and that is called CHINA. So I as a foreign born Chinese, I can understand some of the hesitation from Taiwan side. Of course it is a complex matter no doubt. But Taiwan, come on, you can do it, think how you could prosper and make history for the Chinese nation. Personally I think it is time to think about faster unification. Taiwan, don’t you think it is time for action? (More)

★ Read: U.S. official hails Chinese project in Texas
3. Posted by McCarthy at 2011-10-11 14:33:51
This is an outstanding opportunity for American workers to see first hand that China is not the bogey man the US government portrays it to be. It would also be a good introduction to socialism for the American working class, which I hope this project will promote. (More)

★ Read: Do credit rating agencies have credibility?
4. Posted by wende at 2011-10-11 21:05:44
Just like the media in the US which did not cover much demonstrations, credit rating companies are more slant over US financial performance and would not be the first to criticize or downgrade US credit ratings. Is that fairness?(More)


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