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Recommended reader's comments (Oct.9)

(People's Daily Online)

13:34, October 10, 2011

★ Read: President Hu calls for peaceful reunification of China

1. Posted by Sam Teng at 2011-10-09 15:17:13
The one China including Taiwan is actually a fact for leaders on both sides of the Straits had all along since the Civil War laid claims to either side. Thus, mainland and Taiwan is actually one country but torn apart due to differences in political ideology. President Hu’s call for peaceful unification of China is a very positive and welcome move. Differences in political ideology should not be allowed to split China. The people on both sides of the Straits is still one big family and of the same blood. Let’s also be careful of internal and external forces who are out to split China because of their ulterior motives. These undesirable forces are often puppets of foreign powers who often interfere in the internal affairs of China. (More)

★ Read: Opinion: China's economic strategy needs revision
2. Posted by Canada at 2011-10-09 09:44:22
At some point perhaps China could consider developing so that State factories produce most of what is needed for domestic consumer consumption. Products with the most technologically advanced designs, fashionable, attractive, but functional & durable, built to last, with all the bells and whistles built into the first model. Perhaps new designs could be displayed on the internet for consumer feedback before production is commenced; this may also help gauge production levels. State production would help ensure full employment. One reason consumerism is so predominant in Western countries is products aren’t made to last, and capitalism likes it that way as it increases their profits.
Free trade did cause the closure of American manufacturing facilities, resulting in job loss, unemployment, and the decline of the American middle class, however if corporations hadn’t moved the manufacturing to China, it would have been another country with low wages, as American corporations are interested solely in maximizing profits, not what’s good for the country. China’s capitalist corporations are also likely to look to other countries with cheaper wages to outsource their production as living standards rise in China. (More)

★ Read: US Senate apologizes for laws against Chinese immigrants
3. Posted by LovingChina at 2011-10-09 11:25:04
"Apologies very welcome though better late than never."
All overseas Chinese must thank China and those unforgettable Chinese heroic characters (* combatants, engineers & scientists *) who had struggled and sacrificed their lives and good livings abroad to produce those defensive goodies for China to be safe, secure, prosperous and strong. Else, such recognition and apologies would not come about today as could be seen herein, the last in line among all brown and black skins despite that China did not start any war against any party nor invaded another. China must continue to be strong economically and militarily; and as well overseas Chinese must also play their parts to ensure all other races are not playing unfair games against China and Chinese people while of course to behave similarly to and better than their counterparts while living overseas as their chosen homelands, if you want others to respect you. (More)

★ Read: Why are 26 million Chinese depressed?
4. Posted by obisch Paul at 2011-10-09 02:14:24
Psychological depression is not principally related to economy. It is an existential feeling of uneasiness and unhappiness. But you are right to underline the importance of the metropoles because depression is a dwelling problem. With the technical progress we forget the good ways of dwelling this world, world that we change foolishly. The truth is that we don’t recognize the place we use to live in before the economical rush. There is no more correspondence between man, time and place. (More)


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avAphbKBYJ at 2011-10-16109.230.216.*
Four score and seven mnuties ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thanks

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