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Recommended reader's comments (Sept. 29)

(People's Daily Online)

13:45, September 30, 2011

★ Read: China's Heavenly Palace ready to make space history

1. Posted by ASEAN at 2011-09-29 08:58:13
Congratulation to China !
Congratulation to all your engineers, technicians, designers, software professionals and all other Chinese people that make this possible and successful !
We in ASEAN are delighted and proud that China has developed its space program to the presence stage.
You are really great.

★ Read: Western debt crisis shows 10 contradictions
2. Posted by PD User at 2011-09-29 14:41:06
China is already in the safe distance to land as its economy is progressively slowing down. The debt crisis in Europe and USA is more like a sinking Titanic. In the end the ship was gone and a handful people survived. Titanic life style was gone with the ship and passengers alike. Not many people really know when to cut loose and make a difficult decision. China is far from perfect but has a promising future to improve. The West is sinking fast and yet to hit the bottom. (More)

★ Read: Gov't regs start to cool China's housing market
3. Posted by helen at 2011-09-29 19:41:56
Bravo! It is opportune now to expedite and expand the construction of affordable housing for the general masses. Affordable in terms of both prices and cheap rentals are paramount. Beijing has to monitor and take stern measures to ensure all local governments fulfill their annual quota of quality housing. This is most urgent in view of the rapid urbanization programme. Other infrastructures and amenities must be provided simultaneously. The high end housing is to be provided by private developers to cater to those who could afford them. And it may be necessary, like many Asian countries, to require private developers to construct low and medium cost housing as conditions for their high end housing developments. The public and private institutions must do their part to cater for the general public in both the urban and rural areas. Singapore has done very well in this respect and many of your mayors and officials have visited it and hopefully learned from the Singapore’s experiences. (More)

★ Read: The signal of Shanghai subway crash
4. Posted by PD User at 2011-09-29 21:55:04
Given the rapid industrialization of our country, there is an urgent need to train competent operators of the various facilities, including those running the Bullet Trains and subways; operating the nuclear and thermal power stations, the high voltage power systems and all types of large scale industrial facilities where safety must be given top priority. To meet the need for training operators able to deal with emergency situations, simulators should be designed and used to simulate difficult operational situations that seldom arise but do actually happen in the long term. A typical example of what I am referring to are the simulators used for training pilots who fly the various models of aircrafts such as Airbus A380, Boeing 787 etc. Given the nature of the two recent accidents which occurred under situations where emergency had to be dealt with, I suspect such simulators might be absent for the training of the operators of the bullet trains and subways systems in our country. (More)


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