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Ajax coach De Boer in shock after elimination in Champions League

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16:22, December 08, 2011

AMSTERDAM, Dec. 7(Xinhua) -- Ajax coach Frank de Boer could not believe his team was eliminated in the Champions League.

The Amsterdam side was ousted on Wednesday evening on goal difference, after they lost 3-0 to Real Madrid and Olympique Lyon booked a 7-1 victory at Dinamo Zagreb. Ajax was denied two goals due to offside.

De Boer blamed referee Manuel De Sousa and his assistants. "I heard we scored two clear goals," he said afterwards. "Otherwise it would have been 2-2 at half-time."

The Ajax coach also questioned the 7-1 defeat by Lyon at Dinamo Zagreb.

"I could not imagine this scenario, but it happened," he continued. "I heard Lyon could score pretty easily and normally that could not happen. But we have to look at ourselves. Of course I would support an investigation into the Dinamo Zagreb - Olympique Lyon match."

"In advance we had so much confidence, so this is a disaster," De Boer declared. "It's a big shock for us and the players."

Lyon finished on second place in Group D with eight points behind group winners Real Madrid with a slight better goal difference (9-7) than Ajax (6-6).

Real Madrid have won a club record equaling 15 matches in a row in all competitions. The club record was established under Miguel Munoz in 1960/1961, more than 50 years ago.

Current Real coach Jose Mourinho, who rested several star players, was delighted with the sixth win of his team in Group D. Now he can focus on the forthcoming league match against rivals FC Barcelona.

"Last season we had ups and downs, but at this moment we are much more stable and more compact. We are better than last season," he said.

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