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Dortmund downs Piraeus 1-0 in Champions League


09:33, November 02, 2011

BERLIN, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- German champions Dortmund sealed their first win in UEFA Champions League group F owing an early goal by youngster midfielder Kevin Grosskreutz on Tuesday.

Dortmund staged an average performance in front of home crowd at the sold-out Signal Iduna Park against the guests from Piraeus.

The German champions went 1-0 ahead with only seven minutes into the match as Grosskreutz utilized an assist by midfielder Mario Goetze to slot home from penalty line into top left.

After the lead Dortmund retracted while Piraeus remained harmless at the finish. It was a contested fight in where Dortmund sealed their first three points in group F to remain their minimal chance for the next round.

Arsenal leads group F with 8 points out of four matches followed by Marseilles with 7 points, Dortmund with four points and Piraeus with 3 points.

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