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Greece advance from Euro 2012 qualifying group F with unbeaten record


16:43, October 12, 2011

TBILISI, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Greek national eleven on Tuesday advanced into the 2012 European Football Championship proper by coming from behind to defeat hosts Georgia 2-1 in Tbilisi.

With the victory, the 2004 European champions kept their unbeaten record in the six-team Group F qualifying tournament intact. The Greeks have scored seven wins against three draws in their 10 home-and-away games, against Croatia, Israel, Latvia, Georgia and Malta.

The Georgians were the first to open the scoring on Tuesday with a 19th-minute freekick and held onto its halftime lead of 1-0.

The Greeks unleashed their attacking game in the second half and were fruitful in finding the net twice to seal the game away from the hosts.

Greece advanced with Tuesday's win while Croatia, though having also won seven of their 10 games, would have to wait for the final tally to get into the championship proper as one of the best-finishing runners-up of the nine-group qualifying tournaments.


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