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Gattuso prefers Scudetto to European champions


16:39, September 08, 2011

ROME, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- AC Milan veteran midfielder Gennaro Gattuso would prefer to bag more Serie A titles with Milan than the Champions League.

Milan won the Scudetto after a seven-year wait, and Gattuso would still prefer to keep focusing on domestic titles rather than go for the Champions League.

They currently have 18 Scudetti, so two more will give them the second permanent star on their shirts.

"Without doubt the second star would be more impressive to me and there's great pride in carrying that on your jersey," he was quoted as saying by Sporitalia.

The Rossoneri begin the defence of their title with the Serie A season opener against Lazio on Friday evening.

"Lazio are a side who will make everyone suffer this season. We face this match with great respect, without thinking about the tour de force that follows," he said.

The game is played on Friday so that Milan can better prepare for Tuesday's Champions League trip to Barcelona.

"I remember so well that night when Milan beat Barcelona 2-0 at the Nou Camp in 2000," grinned the midfielder.

"I was on the field, but just 24 hours earlier we'd lost to Spain in the Sydney Olympics. We took the plane four hours after that match to go straight to Spain and at the end of the match I was shattered.

"Obviously, this is a totally different team, as we know we're facing the strongest side in the world who have played the best football of recent years. It's very difficult to beat Barcelona, but you can do anything in life with a bit of luck," he said.


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