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Coritiba breezes past Atletico-MG 3-0


13:53, August 15, 2011

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- In Cuca's debut as the head coach of Atletico-MG, home team Coritiba cruised to a 3-0 win in the 16th round of the 2011 Brazilian Championship on Sunday.

Coritiba's first goal came in the 33rd minute when Bill slid the ball past an approaching Atletico-MG keeper, Renan Ribeiro.

The team increased its lead in the 77th minute. Off a penalty kick, Rafinha's shot was deflected by Ribeiro. However, the midfielder followed up his own shot and drove the ball into the back of the open net. The team's third goal came in the 89th minute when Leandro drove a free kick into the upper left corner of the Atletico-MG goal.

The win improves Coritiba to 10th place with 21 points, dropping Cruzeiro into 11th place. In the next round of play the team will travel to face Santos on August 17.

Atletico-MG dropped to 17th place with 15 points. In the next round of play the team will receive leader Corinthians on August 17.


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