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Barcelona tops Spanish Endesa ACB basketball league


13:53, December 05, 2011

MADRID, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Regal FC Barcelona produced a magnificent defensive performance to defeat Gran Canaria 65-49 to remain top of the Spanish Endesa ACB basketball league in the 10th round of matches this weekend.

Juan Carlos Navarro was the top scorer in the game with 12 points, but it was a game where Barca's ability to collect defensive rebounds was vital against a rival that had travelled in a good run of form.

The weekend had begun with Fuenlabrada defeating Gescarp Bilbai 82-73 in a game where the Basque side once again paid for the physical effort of a demanding EuroLeague performance in midweek.

Gustavo Ayon shone for Fuenlabrada with 14 points and five rebounds in the match.

FIATC Joventut returned to form on Saturday thanks to a convincing 83-65 triumph against CajaSol Banca Civica. Txemi Urtasun scored 21 points for the visitors but only Paul Davis was able to offer him any support.

Unicaja Malaga continue to pressure the leaders and produced another excellent performance to win 84-75 away to Asefa Estudiantes. Joel Freeland had a rare quiet game, but Gerard Firch produced a match-winning display of 26 points for Unicaja to tip the balance in his side's favor.

Caja Laboral won the Basque derby with a comfortable 86-74 victory against Lagun Aro, who had no response to Mirza Teletovic and Pau Ribas, who scored 44 of their side's points.

Kyle Singler's last game for Lucentium Alicante before joining Real Madrid ended on a high note as his side won a tight game 77-75 against CAI Zaragoza. Singler only scored nine points, but his side were led home by 16 points from Pedro Llompart.

Blusens Monbus moved out of the bottom two with a crushing 85-60 win in Murcia. The team from Galicia turned on the lead in the final two quarters to blow their rivals off court and had four players score 14 points or above.

Rudy Fernandez and Serge Ibaka say goodbye to Real Madrid and return to the NBA after helping their side win 81-64. A run of 17-0 in the third quarter decided the game in Real Madrid's favor.

Finally Blanco's Rueda Valladolid remain in the drop zone after losing 80-75 away to Assignia Manresa.


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