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U.S. beats China 3-0 in women's volleyball Grand Prix


16:49, August 08, 2011

Defending champion the United States got the third win by beating China 25-20, 25-17 and 25-16 on Sunday, the last day of the women's volleyball Grand Prix in Luohe, a small city of central China's Henan Province.

China had beaten the United States twice in 2011 Montreux Volleyball Masters during June 7-12, but the American side lacked many players at that time.

To the young Chinese players, Sunday's match was tough and they had no advantage and failed to show their speed and quick transition which were their most powerful advantages to help them win the 2003 World Cup and the 2004 Olympic gold medal.

"The defeat exposed many weak points in both our attack and defense, and there are too many lessons we should learn from the match," said China's head coach Yu Juemin.

During the Luohe leg of the women's volleyball Grand Prix, the United States scored three straight wins while China finished the leg with one win against two losses.

The Americans will fly to Japan to play their second week's Grand Prix matches and the Chinese will go to Quanzhou, a coastal city of southeast China's Fujian province, to play Russia, Germany and Peru.


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