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British athletic champion wishes Liu Xiang good luck in 2012 Olympics


15:44, December 09, 2011

LONDON, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- While rejoiced at his nomination to become a torchbearer for the London Olympics, former world champion Jonathan Edwards wished Chinese athlete Liu Xiang good luck in the upcoming sports gala.

"Liu Xiang is an amazing athlete who has been a world-record holder and Olympic champion," said Edwards, gold medalist at the Sydney Olympics in men's triple jump, during an interview with Xinhua at the ceremony to give offers to torchbearer candidates.

"I am sure he has taken all the best advice," he said.

Edwards noted that Liu Xiang did well recently. "His body is a little bit fragile," he said. "Fingers crossed he will be OK for the next year."

Liu made history in Athens 2004 to break the Olympic record in men's 110-meter hurdles. However, he withdrew from the competitions four years later at the Beijing Olympics.

In the world championships this year, Liu took a controversial silver medal, which was seen as a sign of comeback by many of his fans.

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