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Jamaica retains world title in men's 4x100m relay with new world record


09:53, September 05, 2011

(L-R) Jamaica's Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt pose by the stop clock with their new world record time of 37.04 after winning the men's 4x100 metres relay final at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea, September 4, 2011. (Xinhua/Liao Yujie)

DAEGU, South Korea, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- Jamaica, led by the world's fastest man Usain Bolt, broke the world record in the men's 4x100m relay and retained the world title in 37.04 seconds on Sunday night at the Daegu World Championships.

The Jamaican team, featuring Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt, secured their lead in the first three legs thanks to 21-year-old Blake, the newly-crowned world title in the men's 100m.

Blake, who took gold in the men's 100m final last Sunday with 9.92 seconds after Bolt was disqualified for a false start, ran the third bend leg for Jamaica.

After Blake passed on the relay baton to Bolt, he sprinted ahead in full charge, and crossed the finish line to a new world recod.

France finished second in 38.20. St. Kitts and Nevis took bronze in 38.49.

The United States and Britain both failed to finish the race owing to failures in the baton relay between the third and fourth leg.

The previous world record in the men's 4x100m relay was 37.10, which was also set by Jamaica at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

"For me, it was just to go out there fast. We did just that. I am proud of my team. I am happy with myself," Bolt told reporters after the feat.

"I enjoyed being the anchor. I had a little problem with my Achilles. I can't run the bend.... Yohan Blake ran a great bend," he added.

Teddy Tinmar, who ran the first leg for France, said he had never thought that France could finish second before coming to Daegu.

"We could never think that anything else was within reach when you have these Carribean guys running on the same race with you," France's second runner Christophe Lemaitre said.

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