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Messi: We must improve

By Michael Place (Xinhua)

10:40, October 11, 2012


BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Lionel Messi said Argentina has plenty of scope for improvement despite leading the region's 2014 World Cup qualifying standings.

Argentina will meet Uruguay in Mendoza on Thursday before an away clash with Chile in Santiago five days later.

"We are getting stronger as a group and team but there is still a long way to go," Messi told Fox Radio del Plata on Tuesday night.

"Sometimes it's difficult to play in these World Cup qualifiers because it can be more of a fight than a football match, but we know we have a lot of work to do."

Despite a dour 1-1 draw with Peru in Lima in its most recent fixture last month, Argentina tops the standings with 14 points from seven matches, one point ahead of Colombia and Ecuador.

Thursday's opponent Uruguay is fourth with 12 points, ahead of fifth-placed Chile on goal difference.

Argentina boasts of an embarrassment of riches in attack and it is still unclear who coach Alejandro Sabella will call upon to join Messi in the starting line-up.

Apart from the Barcelona star, Argentina's wealth of strikers includes Manchester City's Sergio Aguero, Real Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain and Paris Saint-Germain's Ezequiel Lavezzi.

Messi admitted he preferred to play with as many forwards as possible.

"Personally the more players we have near goal the better," Messi said. "It depends on the game but we have some spectacular attacking players and we have to try to make the most of them."

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