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Jeremy Lin starts workouts with Houston Rockets


13:14, September 19, 2012

(Jeremy Lin/ People's Daily Online)

HOUSTON, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Houston Rockets' new starting point guard Jeremy Lin said Tuesday that he has fully recovered from his knee injuries and described himself as "good to go".

Lin arrived in Houston on Monday and had workouts with the Rockets on Tuesday.

At a press conference at the Toyota Center, Lin said he felt good about his recent Asia tour and was impressed by Beijing, a city with a long history.

Lin, who is American-born but with maternal grandmother from China and parents from China's Taiwan province, toured Asia this summer, running a four-day basketball camp in Beijing and visiting Taiwan for the first time.

He said he is studying Chinese and hoped he can speak Chinese when he visits Beijing the next time.

Lin also thanked his Asian and Chinese fans in Houston who are enthusiastic about his joining the Rockets.

The Chinese community in Houston is reportedly planning to form a fan club for Lin.

Lin said he has changed physically since his breakthrough season in New York, returning to Toyota Center 4.5 kilograms lighter and fully recuperated from the torn meniscus in his left knee that ended his last season.

Lin was waived by the Rockets last December, then picked up by the New York Knicks.

The Harvard-educated guard and the first American-born NBA player of Chinese heritage became an overnight international sensation, with his skills, humour and work ethic during his short career with the Knicks.

Lin averaged 22.1 points and 9.2 assists, making 47 percent of his shots, in his first 12 starts, keying a seven-game winning streak.

The Rockets pays a hefty sum to get Lin back. The team's three-year deal with Lin worth about 25 million U.S. dollars and the third year is worth about 15 million.

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