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Li Na wants to be a sports reporter

(China Daily)

10:58, September 12, 2012


China's tennis star Li Na wants to be a sports reporter after she retires from her glittering tennis career.

Li made the announcement in front of hundreds of fans during the launch of her autobiography Play Alone on Sept 8 in Beijing.

Li, graduated with a major in journalism from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and has spent the past years constantly dealing with reporters.

Once in a news conference she said, "I don't care if the reporter twists my meaning. I've learned journalism, and I know what kind of headlines can attract eyeballs".

As an athlete, Li understands competition rules, the inner workings of sport, as well as being interviewed better than anyone. Her standing as an athlete would also give her a good reputation as journalist. She will also have access to numerous exclusives and stars.

Facing great competition pressure and controversy, Li has always stood up for her own thoughts and never cared about unpleasant comments, which is a good quality for any reporter.

She is also fluent in English, so there won't be language barrier for her to cover international competitions.

However, there will also be challenges for Li, as she doesn't have much experience of news writing. And the salary of being a reporter is not the stuff of sporting legends.

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