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Lin Dan's A-list wedding to be held Sept 23


09:00, September 05, 2012

(file photo)

The wedding day for China's two-time badminton Olympic champion Lin Dan and his former teammate, Xie Xingfang, has been set for Sept 23.

As a Sunday coinciding with the Chinese Lunar calendar's Aug 8, it is a good choice, Lin said.

"From a traditional perspective, a binary date is a preferable choice," Lin was quoted as saying by Oriental Sports Daily.

The wedding ceremony will be held in the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium.

The couple received a marriage certificate in 2010.

They also announced their wedding party.

Lin's badminton teammates Bao Chunlai and Chen Jin, as well as actor and singer Ren Quan, are on the groomsmen list.

The bridesmaids include Xie's teammates Wang Yihan and Li Xuerui, plus some friends.

"We might need to rehearse the whole thing the day before the wedding," Bao said. "Anyway, we will do whatever he says and do the best we can."

Malaysian badminton player Lee Chong Wei, Indonesian Taufik Hidayat and Denmark's No 1 Peter Gade, among others, are on the celebrity-studded guest list.

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