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China's golds reach 35, cycling-track team shines


08:45, September 03, 2012

LONDON, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- China's gold medals reached 35 here on Sunday, the fourth matchday of the London Paralympics.

Hosts Britain overtook Australia to stand in second with 15 golds.

So far, China topped the tally with 35 gold, 24 silver and 28 bronze medals, followed by Britain with 15-24-14, Australia 14-11- 18, Ukraine 13-8-12, Russia 12-13-9, United States 9-8-16 and Brazil 7-3-3.

So far, a total of 89 world records have been refreshed. And not a single doping case appeared.

On the first gold medal matchday of the table tennis, the Chinese squad collected six of the 11 golds on offer, greatly help keep China's gold-taking momentum.

The cycling-track competition ended Sunday with the total 18 gold medals spilt by Britain's five 5, China's five, Australia's four. The United States, Spain, New Zealand and Romania also got a piece.

The Chinese team showed wonderful performance as seven of its eight cyclists were crowned.

Li Zhangyu claimed the title of men's individual C1-2-3 1km time trial with a new world record.

Liang Guihua was crowned in men's individual C2 pursuit with a new world record.

Zeng Sini took the women's C1-2-3 pursuit gold with a new world record.

He Yin snatched the gold of the women's individual C1-2-3 500m time trial.

Ji Xiaofei, Liu Xinyang and Xie hao showcased brilliant team work to collect the men's C1 to 5 team sprint title.

China coach Li Peng said, "We did not expect such a good result. In Athens 2004, we got only one gold. In Beijing 2008, we were empty-handed."

"Here, we took five golds, the same as the event's traditional powerhouse and hosts Britain. Our cyclists made a history!" Li claimed.
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