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Classifications for swimming at London Paralympics


08:49, August 29, 2012

LONDON, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- Following are the athlete classifications for swimming at the London 2012 Paralympic Games:

S1, SB1, SM1 - Swimmers in this sport class have a significant loss of muscle power or control in their legs, arms and hands. Some athletes also have limited trunk control, as it may occur with tetraplegia. These impairments may be caused by spinal-cord injuries or polio. Swimmers in this class usually use a wheelchair in daily life.

S2, SB1, SM2 - Swimmers in this sport class are able to use their arms with no use of their hands, legs or trunk or have severe coordination problems in four limbs. As in sport class S1 SB1 SM1, athletes mostly only compete in backstroke events.

S3, SB2, SM3 - This sport class includes athletes with amputations of all four limbs. Swimmers with reasonable arm strokes, but no use of their legs or trunk, and swimmers with severe coordination problems in all limbs are also included in this sport class.

S4, SB3, SM4 - Swimmers who can use their arms and have minimal weakness in their hands, but cannot use their trunk or legs. Athletes with amputations of three limbs also swim in this sport class.

S5, SB4, SM5 - Swimmers with short stature and an additional impairment, with loss of control over one side of their body (hemiplegia) or with paraplegia compete in this sport class.

S6, SB5, SM6 - This sport class includes swimmers with short stature, amputations of both arms or moderate coordination problems on one side of their body.

S7, SB6, SM7 - This profile is designated for athletes with one leg and one arm amputation on opposite sides, double leg amputations or a paralysis of one arm and one leg on the same side. Moreover, swimmers with full control over arms and trunk and some leg function can compete in this class.

S8, SB7, SM8 - Swimmers who have lost either both hands or one arm are eligible to compete in this sport class. Also, athletes with severe restrictions in the joints of the lower limbs could compete in this sport class.

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