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Maradona asks China's soccer chief for a job


10:44, August 17, 2012

Diego Maradona and Wei Di, vice president of Chinese Football Association hold a CFA flag during their meeting at a CFA office in Beijing on Thursday. (Xinhua)

Soccer legend Diego Maradona has asked the vice president of the Chinese Football Association for a job, reports.

When asked by Wei Di on Thursday what support he would like during his eight-day trip to China, the 51-year-old Argentinean replied: "I want a job".

Maradona, who was sacked as by the Dubai club Al Wasl FC in the United Arab Emirates in July due to poor performance, is in China on a youth soccer and charity tour.

On arriving in Beijing he told a news conference he would "like to coach the Chinese national team". But Wei Di played down any such move. "We've signed Camacho for three years. So let's wait till then to see," he said.

The Chinese national team signed Spaniard José Antonio Camacho as its head coach on a three-year deal in Aug 2011.

Wei, however, did express his wish to work with Maradona in coaching and youth training. He revealed the CFA will pick five cities as pilot programs for a new youth soccer development plan and he hoped that Maradona could play a role.

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