Sports in China: An Intro

An Exotic Chinese Journey

The Beyond Gold English-language sports documentary series will take you on an exotic Chinese journey to explore the untold stories on this legendary sporting field. [More]

A Powerhouse in Olympic Sports

China is a large sports nation and a powerhouse in Olympic sports. The Asian Giant led the gold medal count at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, capturing 51 gold medals. [More]

Basketball in China I: A Growing Force

A Growing Force

In basketball, China has generally been recognized as the strongest nation in Asia, and the nation earned the eighth place in the world in the last two Olympic Games. [More]

The Dream Collision

The highlight of the 2008 Olympic basketball games was the showdown between China and the United States. It was a "dream collision" for the Chinese basketball fans. [More]

Basketball in China II: The Evolution

Basketball Today

With a fan base of 450 million, basketball is one of the most sought-after sports in China. It has the biggest number of people involved with the game. [More]

A Historical Perspective

Basketball is never out of place in China. In fact, the sport in the land of Confucius is almost as old as the sport itself. Missionaries helped make the game ubiquitous. [More]

Basketball in China III: Chinese Version of NBA

The Local NBA

Before 1995, basketball careers were fostered mainly with China's State support. In 1995, a Chinese version of the NBA, namely the CBA, for short, came into play. [More]

Foreign Imports

After years of development, the CBA has significantly improved, with a number of quality players sprang up. It has grown to be the No.1 basketball league in all of Asia. [More]

Table Tennis in China

King of the Table

China owns table tennis like the U.S. once dominated men's basketball. It has won every gold medal in three Olympics. Four years ago in Beijing, it swept all medals. [More]

A Political Perspective

From a historical perspective, pingpong played an important role in China's international relations. It was an metaphor for the relations between China and the U.S. [More]

Tennis in China

The Rise of Tennis

Tennis in China is a rapidly growing sport that has received much support, and has become firmly entrenched in the Chinese consciousness as one of the most popular. [More]

A Chinese Fairytale

This documentary revealed Chinese tennis superstar Li Na's rise from an unknown Chinese novelty of yesterday to where she is today—lofting a Grand Slam singles trophy. [More]

The Rise of Boxing in China

Episode I: The Evolution

The first episode of the boxing series—The Evolution will take you on a journey from the age-old Shang Dynasty to the epic battlefield of China's Anti-Japanese War. [More]

A Tale of Two Decades

The second episode uncovers the untold stories in and out of China's square ring during the last two decades and relive the year that made the combat sport stand out. [More]

Giant Footprints: The Yao Ming Story

The Makings of a Superstar

He is the first ever No. 1 pick in the NBA draft from overseas. He was the most recognized face hailing from the world's most populous nation. His name—Yao Ming! [More]

Leaving Behind Giant Footprints

On a rainy day in July, 2011, Yao Ming, the tallest man in the NBA, hung up his No. 11 jersey for good, leaving behind giant footprints on the prestigious basketball court. [More]

A Collection: The Golden Stories from China's Sports Field