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Charming moments of male medal bearers


13:52, August 08, 2012

Three male flower and medal bearers are seen at the victory ceremony for canoe slalom at the London Olympics on Aug 1, 2012. (Xinhua)

No longer is it strictly a woman's job to be escorts and flower and medal bearers – at the London Olympics, all the flower and medal bearers now are men, while the women are left to escort the athletes.

Each medal ceremony is led by a female escort who walks alongside the International Olympic Committee presenter, but the trays of flowers and medals are carried exclusively by some charming gentlemen.

A total of 200 male flower and medal bearers, for the first time, along with approximately 100 female escorts, will wear the ceremonial costumes, a design in royal purple that has been created by students at the Royal College of Art (RCA).

In London, the escorts and presenters will attend 805 victory ceremonies held in over 30 venues across the capital for 4,400 medal-winning athletes.

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