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Olympic preview: The fight is on for gold on day 12

By Lee Hannon  (

13:49, August 08, 2012

China are on course for another Olympic table tennis gold sweep Wednesday as they face South Korea in the men's team final.

The favorites will look to secure the fourth and final gold of the tournament in a clean sweep of all the medals.

The final game comes after the women's team beat Japan 3-0 and continued the country's domination of the sport.

The two sides battle for gold at 10:30 pm.

China has just four other medal opportunities on day 12 from 16 medal events taking place. Crucial wins are needed to maintain the lead in the medal league table.

In women's 49kg taekwondo, Beijing Olympic champion Wu Jingyu defends her title in the first bout against Guatemala's Elizabeth Zamora Gordillo at 4 pm

Zhao Shasha takes on America's Clarissa Kyoko Mei Ling Chun in the women's 48kg freestyle wrestling at 8 pm. And Jing Ruixue takes on Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Choe Un-gyong in the women's 63kg freestyle wrestling at 8:56 pm.

Zhou Yubo will also battle to keep China ahead in the medal table in the men's kayak single (K1) 1000m finals at 4:30 pm.

Xue Chen and Zhang Xi will battle for bronze in the women's beach volleyball match against Brazil.

But as the medal table surely narrows, look ahead to the semifinals of the women's boxing at 10:30 pm. A headline writer's dream is the 24-year-old current world champion and Asian Games gold winner competing in this sport's Olympic debut. Can China win the first women's fly boxing gold? Ren Cancan.

Li Jinzi will also battle Russia's Nadezda Torlopova for a place in the finals on Wednesday in 75kg semifinals at 9:45 pm.


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