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Japan's wrestling queen eyes third Olympic gold


09:38, August 08, 2012

LONDON, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Japanese 63kg-class wrestler Kaori Icho, two-time Olympic champion, will open her bid for a third successive gold medal as the London Olympic women's freestyle wrestling kicks off at ExCeL on Wednesday.

Kaori Icho, who dominated the last two Olympics, took a break to travel after the 2008 Games. She returned to the national team renewed and refreshed and claimed her sixth and seventh world titles.

Icho has won her last 149 bouts since falling to Sara Mcmann from the United States in the Klippan international in 2003.

In these Games, Icho will meet a strong rival - Jing Ruixue from China.

Jing, the two-time world champion, however, has lost four times to Icho in low-scoring matches.

"Icho is such a strong opponent," said Jing. "But I also have my chance. What I really care about is my own performance. I'll try my best."


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