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Pearson wins women's 100 meter hurdles


08:47, August 08, 2012

Sally Pearson of Australia competes in women's 100m hurdles final competition, at London 2012 Olympic Games in London, Britain, on August 7, 2012. Sally Pearson of Australia won gold medal. (Xinhua/Liao Yujie)

LONDON, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Australian Sally Pearson set a new Olympic record of 12.35 to win gold in the women's 100 meter final on Tuesday night.

Pearson finished two-hundreths of a second ahead of Dawn Harper, who took silver while Kellie Wells claimed bronze.

The rain fell in buckets as the runners lined up on the blocks but Pearson, who had been pre-race favorite got off to a flying start with Harper and Wells close behind.

Harper went into the race as the defending Olympic champion and with her confidence high after running a personal best of 12.46 in her semifinal earlier in the evening, but it was Wells, who had beaten Pearson in a meeting at the Crystal Palace in the run up to the Olympics, who was Pearson's closest pursuer in the opening meters of the race.

Harper then found an extra turn of speed and was closing on the Australian, but Pearson times her dip to the line to perfection. She had run 12.39, the fastest time of the year to date in her semi and she went even faster to claim gold. She needed to, but that run saw her swap Beijing silver for London gold.

There was an agonizing wait until the result was confirmed, but when it was Pearson threw herself to the floor in ecstasy. It was Australia's first track and field gold of these Games.


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