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Cerogoraz seals last shooting gold on men's trap


09:55, August 07, 2012

LONDON, Aug. 6 (Xinhua) -- Giovanni Cernogoraz of Croatia took the 15th and last gold medal in shooting at the London 2012 Olympic Games by winning men's trap event on Monday.

Qualified as the sixth ranked shooter, Cernogoraz delivered an astonishing fight back, covering three-point margin to take home the title.

"I started with 122 traps and I managed to calm myself down. I was very nervous in the beginning," said Cerogoraz.

The Croatian kept smashing every target in the single-barrel 25 targets final session until he missed the 15th target.

But he never lost his concentration after the miss, fiercely chasing down the shooters ahead of him. He caught Diamond, the two-time Olympic gold medallist and the first-placed qualifier, after hitting the 21th target and then blasted the rest of the targets. He posted the highest score of the session - 24 points out of 25 - and finished the final with a total of 146 (122+24) points.

But he had to face a gold medal shoot-off with Massimo Fabbrizi, who had also earned the same total (123+23).

The Croatian grabbed gold when Fabbrizi missed his sixth target, becoming the first Croatian shooter to win an Olympic medal in this event. The Italian collected silver at his first Olympic Games and their total scores equalled the Olympic record.

"This gold medal will be very good for me, my family and the whole country. It is just fantastic. I was crying before the shoot-off started because I realised that at least a silver medal was 100% for me. I did not expect gold," said Cergoraz.

Diamond and Fehaid Aldeehani, of Kuwait, finished the final session at 145 points, one point behind the top two. The Kuwaiti snatched bronze after the Australian failed to hit target at his fourth attempt.

It was another nightmare for Daimond who also missed the bronze medal in the shoot-off with Alexey Alipov at the Beijing 2008 Games.


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