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China wins Laser Radial class in Olympic sailing regatta


08:01, August 07, 2012

China's Xu Lijia celebrates after winning women's laser radial race of sailing event, at London 2012 Olympic Games, London, Britain, Aug. 6, 2012. China's Xu Lijia won gold medal. (Xinhua/Gong Lei)

WEYMOUTH/PORTLAND, Aug. 6 (Xinhua) -- China's Xu Lijia won Laser Radial class in the Olympic sailing after a close medal race on Monday, the second gold ever in sailing for China.

Beijing Olympics bronze medalist Xu finished the medal race first, and had a net score of 35 points. The Netherlands's Marit Bouwmeester and Belgium's Evi Van Acker won silver and bronze respectively. Annalise Murphy from Ireland, who led the first four rounds of the whole competition, had to settle for a fourth place.

Before the medal race, only one point separated the top four sailors, with Xu and Bouwmeester both on 33 points, and Murphy and Van Acker on 34.

Murphy led around the first mark. Xu tried to overtake her but was given a penalty turn by on-the-water umpires for illegal propulsion.

The 27-year-old then took the lead before the end of the second leg and never looked behind.

"I didn't have a very good start but I know where my strength is. I made the most of everything today. I have enjoyed the freedom. No regrets." Xu said of the race.

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