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Spanish newspapers hail Ye Shiwen's performance


15:40, August 02, 2012

MADRID, August 1 (Xinhua) -- The Spanish press described as "amazing" the feat accomplished by Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais, highlighted the value of the youngest women swimmers, who are making history in London 2012. These include Lithuanian Ruta Meilutyte, American Missy Franklin and, of course, Ye Shiwen.

These figures represent a challenge to traditional thinking: it could be possible that swimmers do not have to be 20 years old to reach peak performance. In fact, all of them are under 20.

However, the Chinese swimmer's victory has not been free of rumors regarding a possible doping. The rumors appeared because she swam the last 50 meters in the 400 IM faster than Ryan Lochte when he won the gold medal.

El Pais published on Tuesday an article entitled "the United States raises unfounded suspicions about China", referring to the doping allegations against Ye Shiwen stated by John Leonard, executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association.

The newspaper said that they are "unfounded allegations" and "without any proof of it".

Another article in the same newspaper compared American superstar Michael Phelps with Ye. "While the American became last night the man with the most medals in Olympic history" tells the newspaper, the "amazing Chinese swimmer" is being criticized due to "misgivings that have primarily raised in the West".

In the article published on Tuesday night, the author stated that it is very difficult to get rid of the rumors of doping in sport competitions.

However, he added that now it seems to depend on "who you are and where you come from, the epic is accepted with honor or in doubt".

El Pais said that Leonard realized his goal by causing mistrust within the society but insisted that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the organization that has the authority to prosecute these cases and not Leonard, who has the responsibility for "not tarnishing prematurely".


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