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Inside London's biggest Olympic souvenir megastore


15:41, August 01, 2012

Shirts at London's biggest Olympic souvenir megastore.(CNTV)

With the games in full swing, we continue with a focus on the Olympics fever. Fancy hugging lifesized Wenlock and Mandeville? If that rocks your boat, head to the Olympic megastore.

From big spenders to those hoping for a small keepsake which might one day become a valuable memento, let's drop by at Britain's biggest Olympic souvenir shop for some can't-put-down, limited-edition mascots, mugs, teapots and tiepins.

Crowds queued outside the "London 2012 megastore".

An unexpected best seller is the mascot "Wenlock". Golden Wenlocks, T-shirts and pins are the most successful products at the store, particularly loved by younger fans.

Simon Lilley, LOGOC head of Retail & Licensing, says, "I think the kids get Wenlock from the digital age. When they see all his movies, they really, really understand it, and when they see the film and the story by Michael Morpurgo, they understand it really well, they get it straight away and the adults are seeing it as they see it on the park, it really is a strong mascot and the sales here, everyone loves one."

The store provides many snappy-happy moments with Wenlock figures. And children were excited to be greeted by a lifesize mascot.

He also says, "What we are seeing here is everything is incredibly popular, people have come to the games, bought a ticket, see some great sports and want to take a souvenir home with them."

A customer says, "It's fun, it's interesting especially for people from abroad - it's attractive for taking photos, it's fun."

Stocking over 2,500 different products, souvenirs at the megastore range from mascot cuddly toys, Olypmic rings or London 2012 logo-bearing shirts and sweaters, jackets, cups, Royal Mint coins, books and caps to even jewelery.

According to the organizers, it's hoping the sales will raise over 86 million Pounds to support the billions spent on the games. The official merchandise of the 2012 Games is the largest range ever created for an Olympics.

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