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London welcomes mothers' of Olympians


14:33, July 31, 2012

Yang Yang, fourth from the right, member of IOC and former short-track speed skater who won China's first Winter Olympic gold medal is pictured with Chinese Olympian mothers visiting P&G Family Home on July 29. The athletes' mothers write a streamer in Chinese calligraphy that reads "Cheer for China, Applaud for Mothers." (Xinhua)

While the Olympians are competing in the arena, their mothers, as well as other family members have been specially welcomed in London.

Mothers of many top Chinese athletes, including Olympic champions Liu Xiang, Wu Minxia visited the P&G Family Home in London on July 29.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), a Worldwide Olympic Partner became the first Olympic sponsor to offer moms and families from around the world a "home away from home" at the Olympic Games.

Designed to give mothers and families of Olympians from all over the world a place to relax, unwind, and be together, the family home is available to the relatives of all the more than 10000 Olympians around the world.

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