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China's top paddler Zhang Jike wins Olympic debut show


09:05, July 31, 2012

Zhang Jike of China returns a ball against Bora Vang of Turkey during the third round men's singles match of table tennis event at London 2012 Olympic Games, London, Britain, July 30, 2012. Zhang won the match and advanced to the next round. (Xinhua/Shen Bohan)

LONDON, July 30 (Xinhua) -- No. 1 seeded Zhang Jike of China, the defending world champion, won easily 4-0 against Turkey's Bora Vang in men's third round of table tennis match at the London Olympic Games on Monday.

Zhang is the first to wrap up Sunday's match among the four top 16 seeds competing at the same time at ExCeL. Zhang beat Vang in 27 minutes, while the match between Belarus's Vladimir Samsonov and Austria's William Henzell lasted as long as 65 minutes.

Zhang had many rallies with Vang in the first two sets. Liu Guoliang, head coach of China's men's table tennis team, said Zhang was a little bit "stiff" in the match. "His hand was quick, but legs didn't catch up."

Liu said it's quite normal for players in the first match. "He had the feeling that a match at the Olympics is different from other competitions. Now he knows what Olympic Games are like. I think he will play better after his second match."

Zhang, however, didn't admit he was nervous. "Did I look nervous? I am the first to close a match. The other three matches haven't finished yet," he said in the mix-zone.

His opponent Vang was born and trained in China. He moved to Turkey five years ago. Zhang said Vang's speed was fast and had already played a round. "This is only my first match. It seemed that I had many rallies with him. But generally I feel quite good."

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