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Chinese Wang Mingjuan wins women's 48kg weightlifting gold


07:30, July 30, 2012

Wang Mingjuan of China reacts during women's 48kg weightlifting competition, at London 2012 Olympic Games in London, Britain, on July 28, 2012. Wang won gold medal with a total weight of 205kg. (Xinhua/Gong Lei)

LONDON, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese veteran lifter Wang Mingjuan overcame a case of jittery to claim the gold that she has been coveting for 12 years.

The 26-year-old Chinese won her first ever Olympic gold in an unexpected easy way, finishing with a total of 205kg, six more more the silver medalist Hiromi Miyake from Japan. Ryang Chun Hwa of PRK won the bronze with 192kg.

"The gold is the reward for my 12 years hard work, my dream came true today," the diminutive girl sighed.

"I have won golds in all other international events, only the Olympic gold kept eluding me. Now I can say I have a perfect career now," she said, weeping.

The 1.50-meter high girl remained unbeaten in all international competitions, but missed two previous Olympics due to injury and poor forms.

She appeared a little nervous before taking the platform to begin her Olympic campaign, and then failed to lift 88kg in her first snatch attempt.

"I would not tell you what happened then. You know for me, one Olympic gold is more important than 100 World Championships ones," she said.

Ten years ago, Wang made a sweeping of three golds in the World Championships, but injured her left knee and was ruled out of the 2004 Olympics. She then missed the Beijing Olympics due to bad forms.

She was in an understandably stressed mood after finally getting the chance to compete at the Olympics, according to her coach Zhou Jihong.

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