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What to expect at London Olympics: Star athletes

(People's Daily Online)

08:42, July 27, 2012

Challenging limits of the human body

In the Beijing Olympics 2008, the "lightning of Jamaica" Usain Bolt, dashed like a fierce wind and won three gold medals in the 100-meter, 200-meter and the 4x100-meter relay race, breaking the world record in all three competitions. In 2012, his condition has declined a little and he was surprisingly defeated by his teammate Yohan Blake in the 100-meter and 200-meter races in the Olympic qualification competition. However, facing doubt from others, he is still confident and has said directly and frankly that he will continue his legend in London.

U.S. swimming star Michael Phelps will still be one of the hottest focal points in the London Olympics. He won eight gold medals in the Beijing Olympics and still holds three world records. Since he will not participate in the 200-meter freestyle competition and will compete in only seven events in the London Olympics, he will not have the chance to win eight gold medals again. However, it does not mean that the "flying fish" will not make another breakthrough. Michael Phelps holds 16 Olympic gold medals in total and is only two gold medals away from Ukrainian gymnast Larissa Latynina who holds 18 Olympic gold medals and is the record holder for most gold medals in the world. There is almost no question that the "flying fish" will become the new record holder.

For Chinese fans, the return of Liu Xiang will be more attractive than both the "lightning of Jamaica" and the U.S. "flying fish." Liu's absence earlier this year due to injury, had frightened Chinese sports fans. His coach Sun Haiping said that it was a choice made so he could guarantee his performance in the London Olympics. If Liu, who has gone to Germany to prepare for the Olympics, wants to win the gold medal again, he must be able to finish the 110-meter hurdles in less than 12.90 seconds. The 29-year-old Liu is still one of the world's best athletes in the 110-meter hurdles. As long as he performs steadily, it is still quite possible that he will win the gold medal again and even break the world record.

Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition; Author: Li Meixi
Read the Chinese version: 伦敦奥运看什么

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