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What to expect at London Olympics: Introduction

(People's Daily Online)

08:31, July 25, 2012

(Photo from People's Daily Overseas Edition)

The European Cup is now over, and an even more wonderful visual feast of the London Olympics is arriving right away. Whether you are a sports fan or not and whether you know much about the Olympics or not, you will see and hear a lot about the London Olympics in the half month when it will be held. Let us study it beforehand and see what wonderful highlights the London Olympics is going to have compared to the Beijing Olympics.

First of all, it is of course the competition for the first place of the Gold Medal Tally. Regarding the issue that which country will win most gold medals, various enthusiasts have already made specific calculations. Although their conclusions are different, they all agree that the competition between China and the United States for the first place on the gold medal tally will not cease until the last day.

Sports stars are always bright spots and hot topics in competitive sports. They always attract non-sports fans into the sports circle and make them enjoy the enthusiasm and excitement brought by the Olympics. In the Chinese team, Liu Xiang, Sun Yang and Li Na will be the hottest focal points. The performances of the first two will decide who the most valuable male sports idol of China will be, and Li's performance in the London Olympics will prove whether she is the “lady No. first” of the female spots team of China.

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