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London Olympics' tennis tournament in numbers


09:31, July 23, 2012

LONDON, July 22 (Xinhua) -- Following are some key numbers from Wimbledon, where the London 2012 Olympic Games' tennis tournament will be held:

14,971 -- number of seats on Centre Court at Wimbledon for the Olympic Games.

188 -- number of tennis players competing in London.

104 -- years since the All England Club hosted the tennis.

92 -- years since the tennis tournament was played on grass, at Antwerp 1920.

88 -- years since mixed doubles was played at an Olympic Games, at Paris 1924.

44 -- number of NOCs competing in the tennis tournament.

20 -- days' turnaround from the end of the Wimbledon Championships and the first day of London 2012's tennis tournament.

16 -- years of age of the youngest gold medalist Jennifer Capriati(United States) at Barcelona 1992. Steffi Graf (Germany) was 15 when she won the demonstration event at Los Angeles 1984.

12 -- number of Wimbledon Championships courts being used during London 2012; the other seven are being used for practice.

9 -- tennis was one of the nine sports at the first modern Games in 1896.

6 -- number of times Leander Paes (India) has competed at Olympic Games, a record for a tennis player. His first was Barcelona 1992.

2 -- number of courts where the Hawk-Eye electronic system is being used(Centre and No.1)

1 -- only one player has won medals at three Olympic Games, Conchita Martinez (Spain). She won silver at Barcelona 1992, bronze at Atlanta 1996 and silver at Athens 2004.

0 -- number of points won by Dora Boothby (Britain) before reaching the women's singles final at London 1908. She had byes in previous rounds and then lost in the final to compatriot Dorothea Chambers.


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