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2012 Tour de Qinghai Lake wins praises from race director and international referee

(People's Daily Online)

09:35, July 12, 2012

After the seventh stage of 2012 Tour de Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race, the race director Rosella Bonfanti said that she had known something about the Tour de Qinghai Lake on the Internet and TV a few years ago and she was pleased to participate in the race as a race director.

Bonfanti said that it is the first time for her to come to China and China looks better than in her imagination. China is a wonderful country and Qinghai looks very beautiful. She felt fresh and surprised at every station of the Tour de Qinghai Lake. Moreover, she never thought that the audience would be so enthusiastic and they seemed very professional and knew when to cheer for competitors. She came to know there are many ethnic minorities in Qinghai since she came to China and she thought that their clothes are beautiful and she even wanted to try on them.

Bonfanti said that as a grand race in Asia, the Tour de Qinghai Lake has its own unique characteristics and it is a tempting race for the top bicycle competitors of European and other countries since the improvement of the race. The organization work was done very well.

Bonfanti said that any staff and volunteers were busy for the race. They performed their own work and all were very dedicated. Therefore, she did not feel any chaos.

Bonfanti also showed her appreciation of the ninth stage in Zhangye city. She had very expected the race in western China and it did not make her disappointed. The road there is wide and so the safety factor of the race was increased. The climate and temperature were also suitable for cycling and it will be a pity if not holding a cycling race there.

Martin Bruin said that Chinese competitors are powerful

Martin Bruin, international referee of the Tour de Qinghai Lake and the International Cycling Union, said in an interview with the People's Daily that it is the third time for him to come to Qinghai to participate in the race. The biggest difference this time is that the number of racing teams has increased to 22 and there are more and more powerful teams. Bruin said that the teams from Europe and the United States are powerful but Chinese cycle teams also should not be underestimated. He can feel that all the competitors have tried their best to compete since the first racing stage began in Xining.

Bruin said that the increase of cycle teams can promote the race in cities passed, attract attention of more sponsors and is a great benefit to the improvement of the Tour de Qinghai Lake.


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