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Tour de Qinghai Lake becomes bridge of international friendship

(People's Daily Online)

09:32, July 12, 2012

The exhausting 11th Tour de Qinghai Lake, which has entered its ninth stage, has not stopped riders of different countries from appreciating the natural and cultural landscapes along the race. Some riders told reporters their impressions on China.

Third stage’s runner-up: Qinghai residents are enthusiastic and friendly

Walter Fernando Pedraza Morales of Colombian team EPM, who finished second in the third stage of the Tour de Qinghai Lake, has taken part in the race in China for the first time. The beautiful scenery and enthusiastic audience left a deep impression on him. “I have been to many countries, but this is my first visit to China,” he said. “This is a beautiful country, and the people here are very nice. The race is well organized. I know the people here are from different ethnic groups, and they are all funny and friendly. I like Qinghai very much.”

Fifth stage’s runner-up: Audience riding horses “cheering for me”

After finishing second in the fifth stage, Kiel Reijnen of the United States’ Team Type 1 (TT1) told reporters that it was interesting to see the enthusiastic audience holding banners when the riders passed Gangcha county in Qinghai province. “Yes, I have noticed the enthusiastic audience. They were wearing nice clothes, and I heard them cheering for me. I saw many audience members riding a horse while watching the race, which was interesting. We are in a race, but that does not stop us from enjoying the moment of leisure,” Reijnen said.

Eighth stage’s champion: Many thanks to organizers

Artur Ershov of Russia’s RusVelo (RVL), champion of the tour’s eighth stage, said that the enthusiastic audience left a deep impression on him. “The audience, particularly children, have been enthusiastic since the beginning of the race. During the race, they stand tougher cheering for us. After each stage, there are always many kids standing around me. Maybe they are curious about everything I have. It is very enjoyable to be with them, and I have spent as much time as possible taking photos with them. I know many people from ethnic minorities have also been watching our race. Their clothes look rather complicated, but very beautiful,” Ershov said.

Eighth stage’s third-place finisher: China is “my lucky place”

Ershov’s teammate Ivan Alexandrovich Kovalev finished third in the eighth stage. “I took part in the Tour of China a year and a half ago, and finished second in one stage, so I like China. It is my lucky place,” Kovalev said.


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