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Chinese walker hailed for act of sportsmanship at Asian junior athletics championships


08:53, June 13, 2012

COLOMBO, June 12 (Xinhua) -- Sportsmanship was displayed at the ongoing 15th Asian Junior Athletics Championships when a young Chinese walker presented his new pair of shoes to Sri Lankan runner who walked bare-footed on Tuesday.

Zhang Zhi, who took bronze in the 10,000-meter race walking in 45 minutes 05 seconds, gave his shoes to D. W. Pradeep Madushanka who was two laps behind him and completed at ninth.

"I was so touched by his generous act of giving a new pair of shoes which he had worn only for this event," Madushanka told Xinhua with a sense of gratitude.

"One reason for me to run bear foot was that I did not have a good pair of shoes," said Madushanka, a soldier coming from a rural village of Tissamaharamaya in southern Sri Lanka.

Madushanka is one of the soldiers from the army competing at the Asian Junior Athletic Championships.

The spectators witnessed Zhang removed his shoes as soon as he completed the race and handed them over to the Sri Lankan runner.

"This is genuine display of real sportsmanship that serves the meaning of sports," said a technical officer.

India's Kuldeep won the gold in 45:01 while Japan's Matsunaga Daisuke grabbed the silver.

China tops the medal tally with a total of 17 medals including 10 gold, five silver and two bronze while Chinese Taipei follows with 13 medals.

The four-day event will conclude on Tuesday evening with a grand closing ceremony.


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