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Russian side just too good, says Bilek

(China Daily)

08:33, June 11, 2012

Czech coach Michal Bilek admitted Russia's passing game had been too much for his side as it went down 4-1 to the Group A favorite in its European Championship opener on Friday.

Despite a bright opening, the Czechs soon fell two goals behind and although they briefly rallied early in the second period, they were well beaten by the final whistle.

"I think we started well in the first 15 minutes. Our passing was good and we created some chances but didn't finish them off," said Bilek.

"But then we lost the ball in our opponents' half, they broke quickly and that was our mistake.

"Russia are a really good team, they have good quality. Then I sent on Tomas Hubschman (at halftime) and tried to change things.

"We scored a goal but then lost the ball again, we lost energy and they punished us for this, and that's why the result was what it is."

Goals from Alan Dzagoev and Roman Shirokov gave Russia a 2-0 lead at the break and although Vaclav Pilar pulled one back, further goals from Dzagoev and Roman Pavlyuchenko finished off the Czechs.

In truth, but for a wayward performance in front of goal by Zenit St. Petersburg striker Aleksandr Kerzhakov, it could have been a lot worse for the Czech Republic.

"We had problems with the Russians' combinations, they created many chances," said Bilek.

"We weren't in too much trouble but they played one or two touches and we weren't able to get the ball, and that's why they had so many chances.

"We had problems with (Aleksandr) Kerzhakov who played on the flank and managed to get the ball."


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