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National ski mountaineering exchange meeting opens in Qinghai

(People's Daily Online)

15:14, June 05, 2012

The 2012 National Ski Mountaineering Exchange Meeting was held in Gangshika in Qinghai province on June 3, with more than 40 foreign and domestic participants attending.

According to sources, this is the second ski mountaineering meeting held in Gangshika since the first national ski mountaineering exchange meeting was held there in 2011. The event is aimed at promoting China's ski mountaineering sport in the high-altitude snow-capped mountains in Gangshika and promote the development of culture, economy, tourism and sports in Qinghai province and the north of Qinghai.

Through ski mountaineering, the organizer hopes to further demonstrate the infinite beauty of Qinghai, the cultural and sporting life of people from Qinghai and promote the nationwide fitness campaign.

Read the Chinese version: 青海岗什卡全国登山滑雪交流大会6月3日开幕

source: People's Daily Online, author:Zhang Zhizhong


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