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Spanish soccer clubs dig China market


09:22, May 08, 2012

MADRID, May 7 (Xinhua) -- Spanish La Liga club Betis announced Monday that they will carry out a tour of China this summer.

Club President, Miguel Guillen explained that the club's first ever trip to Asia will see them play English Premier League outfit Fulham in the Nanning Tournament and that the club also has a game programmed against Chinese side Shenzhen Ruby.

"This is a very important step forward for us, not just from an economic point of view, but also from a question of marketing an communication and in getting out name known in Asia," explained Guilen.

"Our project in Asia is medium to long term and Betis is opening up to Asia with a sporting, economic and educational project. This is much more than going to play a friendly game. Both the governor and the organizer have received Real Betis with maximum honor," said the club President.

Betis will not be the only Spanish side to visit China this summer, given that Villarreal will also be carrying out part of their pre-season training in the country, which they have previously visited on two occasions.

Meanwhile Monday also saw another Spanish side, Valencia, sign an extension to the club's shirt sponsorship deal with Chinese solar power company, Jinko Solar, who already sponsored the club's shirts in the second half of the current season in which the club has assured a third place finish behind Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.


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